Important pdf book for BCS & Bank job preparation

Are you looking for pdf books for bcs and bank job preparatio?  Here you will get free downloadable pdf books list for job preparation. It is true that a job seekers have to buy many new book in every year. Sometimes it becomes hard for poor students. For this reason i have collected 23 latest job preparation guide for you for free. You do not need to buy same book every year. It will save your money and time. The main advantage of reading pdf books is you can read it on your samrt phone. So, it will reduce your waste time.

This book will help you to take preparation for upcoming 41 bcs and combined bank preliminary and written examinatio.

pdf book for BCS & Bank job

Faculty Based Bank Job Solution Full Book –

Faculty Based Bank Written Solution –,%20

Faculty Based MCQ –,%20

Bank & Bcs Digest ( Bangla) –

Job Solution Handnote –

Bank Vocabolary Arifur Rahman (2001-2017) –

Bank Vocabolary Arifur Rahman (2018-2020) –,%20

Word Smart Part 1&2 –,%20

CGA Auditor Question Bank –

Bank Exam taken by Bibm –

Math Bible –

GK Collected From Magazines (Jan To April) –

Business Letter Format –

Editorial Translation Pratice March 2020 –

English Focus Writing (1-50) –

Examveda Computer –

Focus Writing-,%20

Inception Digest (Bangladesh Affairs) –,%20

Inception Digest (International Affairs) –,%20

Inception Digest (Geography) –,%20

Magoos GRE 1000 Words –,%20

Letter Writting –

Objective General English –,%20


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